What You Need To Start A New Blog

Blogging is one of the common ways of delivering news and information to different masses of people. There is the existence of millions of blogs being operated by different individuals or firms. Blogging is one of the best ways used by individuals to express himself and also the best way of sharing information to a particular masses of people. Through blogging, an individual can improve his skills in writing and at the same time make money. After going through this article, you should be able to create a blog. Therefore the following are the steps to be followed when starting a new blog;


Blogging platforms

kjjjjkjkjkdddvvbAn individual should be able to choose the area where his or her blog should be built from and is considered as the first significant step to be put in place. WordPress is a common blogging platform which is reviewed by the majority since it has plugins and add-ons which are countless. The WordPress has got numerous ways in which a person can design his blog. Currently, more than eighty-two million people use WordPress.


Self-hosting is major decision an individual has to make before considering other steps. A person should make a decision on the blog he is creating whether he will pay for it or not. Examples of free blog platforms are a blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. On free blog platforms, one will not be able to get his domain name. An individual will not be able to upload all the required information because of the limits being restricted at some levels. On the self-hosting blog, an individual is the owner of the blog. The cost involved in hosting and domain name depends on the hosting provider who is less expensive.

A blog should be developed on one’s domain

The domain name which is linked to an individual should be considered plus the hosting company should be chosen which will host your blog. The domain is the URL of one’s website while Hosting is the firm responsible for putting one’s website on the internet.

WordPress blog being designed

An individual is advised to choose features or themes which are customized easily and look professional on the blog. WordPress allows the themes to be changed by someone if few clicks are applied on the blog. Relevant content or information on the website is not lost when the themes are modified. An individual’s personality and what he or she represents should be reflected on the website.

Useful resources for newbie bloggers

hggghghghghBloggers come to these blogging platforms with various online degrees and experience in social media. For bloggers who are beginners in this field, there is usually room for someone to learn more and to improve at the same time.