The benefits of having a portable generator

We have all experienced power cuts in our homes a few time in our life. It does not matter where you live an electricity outage can happen for various reasons. The worst is when it happens att night or when the weather is unbearably hot. There are many things that are essential in our home that rely on electricity and having the best portable generator at your home can help you until power is restored.

Portable generators

These are the conventional generators that aa01you may have seen in many places. They are often used at outdoor work sites to power tools, an RV at a campsite or even as a standby generator to power you home.

These machines run on many types of fuel, and you can get one below $1,000.

How to select

If you wish to buy one of these generators, it is important to know what they will power. They are not like standby generators and will have a limited capacity based on the model you buy. Before you buy, make a list of the power requirements of the tools or other things you intend to power. Write down the wattage of each of the equipment and then you can select a generator that will have enough capacity to run them.

The purpose

If you want to buy a generator to take with you on a road trip, you may not need a high capacity one. You may, however, want to buy one that is a little less noisy so that you do not make much noise wherever you start up the machine.

The make

There are many manufacturers who build generators. You will not be lost for choices but always buy one that comes with a solid guarantee so that you will not have any problems with after sales service and spares.


aa02The price you pay for a generator will often be based on the capacity and the features. Some models have electric starters while others use a pull system. Some models have a duel fuel option which means you will not be stuck if you cannot get one type of fuel. You will find these models can run on both propane and gasoline, so they are more versatile than others.


Buying a portable generator can help you in many ways. They are not only useful to power tools but can be moved to any place that you need some electrical power.