Ultimate guide to choosing the perfect wedding ring

In wedding preparations, everyone is so excited. The bride is excited about the wedding dress while the groom is busy arranging honeymoon plans and so on and so forth. However, one thing you should be paying attention to is picking or choosing the best wedding ring for the both of you. Why? Here are simple yet very true reasons why you should choose the best wedding ring possible:

1. Symbol of love

A wedding ring is simply a symbol of your love and commitment with each other. You have to wear it all the time so you should pick a design that is suitable for your personality as a couple. There are Claddagh rings that you can choose for your wedding rings because these have special meaning in its symbol. The traditional symbols of Claddagh are hands holding a crowned heart. So there are three symbols – hands, crown and heart and these three have meanings to it.


The hands symbolize the friendship you should maintain even if you are already husband and wife. Crown is for loyalty which is an important factor in a relationship. You should be loyal to your partner despite all the trials and hardships that you will meet along the way. Lastly, the heart symbolizes love which is the main thing why you are getting married. It is helpful when you have all these symbols to remind you of your commitment.

2. Comfort

Let us be realistic here, the wedding ring is something that you should wear in your fingers all the time. For some, they don’t even remove the ring in their finger to show to everyone that you are married and proud of it. So with this, the more you should pick a style and design of wedding ring that will be comfortable in your hands. Come to think of it; this can also be a good symbol of comfort and security you feel with each other.

3. Elegance

This may not be very important, but for some, they prefer to choose their wedding ring carefully so that it will be elegant and unique in style. They want to have something around their finger that they can to show to everyone or be proud about. This is not necessarily mean boasting around but just be proud that you are married to someone you love the most. The elegant style of wedding ring is great because it can stay for long and be versatile to pass on your children in the future. It’s like a good investment too.

If you are getting married, you now know that spending time for choosing wedding ring is very important. Whether there are tons of Irish Celtic engagement rings or Men’s Irish wedding bands that are looking good and elegant, you still find a personal touch to it. It is, in fact, advisable and healthy for the relationship of the future husband and wife to pick their wedding ring together. One way or another you will feel the connection to a certain wedding ring, and with that, you’ll know that it’s the perfect design to symbolize your love for each other.

Choosing The Style

Gold, Silver or Platinum?

Usually, when the bride to be is already wearing an engagement ring, she will want the wedding band to match. However, these days you don’t’ have to be bound to that tradition. A bride may choose to wear her engagement ring on her right hand and the wedding ring on the left hand.


Primary ring metal choices include:

White Gold

Many people seem to prefer white gold which has the color of silver but is much more valuable and precious.


Platinum is sturdier and does not tarnish or scratch as easily as white or yellow gold. For this reason, many people are choosing platinum for their wedding rings. However, platinum is more costly than gold.

Finally, a couple should plan to shop for their wedding rings well in advance of the wedding date. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up having to settle for something less than what will satisfy the both of you. Starting at least a few months in advance is a good idea to avoid last minute frustration.