Tips on choosing the right strapping tools

Every business that deals with boxes need strapping tools. Strapping tools for various cords are important tools to keep your boxes well sealed and bundled up. If you are involved in the shipping business, or you are a manufacturer, you need to make sure that your boxes are well sealed. There is no easy way to do that than using strapping tools. However, the challenge comes in choosing the right strapping tools. There are many strapping tools available, and this means that it might get confusing if you are making a purchase for the first time.

Choosing strapping tools

Nature of your work

The type of loads that you handle will determine the right strapping tools for you. For instance, if your job involves carrying heavy loads, then you might consider looking for a strapping tool that is made using materials that can handle heavy and bulky boxes. This will avoid a scenario where the strapping tool is too weak to handle the job. To make the job easier, use the right equipment for the right job.


Manual strapping tools

Manual strapping tools are also known as handheld tools. These are tools that are used for handling small loads and less bulky boxes. They can be easily operated by hand to make the job easier. Most of the manual and handheld tools are made using plastic. The use of a plastic material makes the strapping tools very light to hold when doing the job.

On the other hand, for larger and bulkier boxes, you might need to invest in automatic strapping tools. The automatic tools are made using iron and steel for a simple reason. The iron and steel can be able to withstand the weight and bulkiness without any problems.



Tensioners are also types of strapping tools. The main role of tensioner just like the name suggests is to apply tension on the boxes and tighten the seal. There are some tensions that can be used to tighten the ball bearings and other uses. Before buying any strapping tool, consider your daily uses. You might realize that you need a tensioner as opposed to a strapping tool.