Facts about logistics

When we’re talking about logistics, we are talking about a massive operation scale of sending and receiving products every day. Logistics play a vital role in our everyday’s life, we use it, companies used it, everyone uses it. And here are some interesting facts you might not know about logistics, both big and small services.

Logistics started developing during the second world war

kjashdklasdjFoods, materials, ammo, etc., is considered a crucial necessity during the second world war. Where spreading the supplies that are needed become so important, especially medical supplies which matters a lot for the wounded. Although logistics is not something new, the second world war made it an essential lesson to develop logistics, how to make everything so much easier to send and to receive the things we need, be it air or land. This development leads to services such as couriers, warehousing, containers, transport/distribution and also freight.

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Drone delivery

Although still in developments some companies have offered drone delivery service; this service might be the one for you if you don’t have any time to wait in your house for your package, as you only have to wait for few hours instead of a whole day in your home. The only downside of using this drone method is that drones can only send to nearby places and only small amount of product can be carried by the drone.


FedEx, which is one of the biggest logistics company. They have a record of having to sort out one million packages every night, and the amount could go up to 25 million of boxes per day during the holidays.

Self-driving trucks

kjsldhfksjdIn America the numbers of unfilled trucking jobs have increased, this leads to self-driving vehicles being used to send the things every day. Although claimed as ‘self-driving,’ the trucks are being piloted or controlled by people from the office (to avoid accidents of course as one out of ten traffic deaths are from collisions with trucks).

Logistics categorieskljshdlkajsd

Transportation and logistics groups can be divided into six categories which are aviation, maritime, storage, rail, road and warehouse. Air and marine are used for importing products from other countries while land and rail are used to send products to customer or the storage.