Importance Of Philanthropy In Our Communities

Philanthropy is a crucial part as far as social, economic development of our communities is concerned. Unlike charity which places much emphasis on dealing with suffering caused by social problems, philanthropy focuses on solving social problems. One of the inspirational message on Sukanto Tanoto Twitter handle said that philanthropy is a concept of humanity that everyone must embrace. It entails supporting programs and projects that benefit all in the community. It, therefore, has various advantages in our communities.

Importance of philanthropy in Our Communities

A model of development.

Philanthropy focuses on dealing with social problems. Through interaction with community members, social problems are identified, and philanthropists take an active part in finding the solution. The development agenda of the community is addressed through resource mobilization and success brings about positive social change.


Provision of essential services

Through philanthropy, key social services are made available to community members. Such services include medical care, infrastructure, and education, where resources needed are availed. Lack of such services deepens the levels of poverty as well as reducing life expectancy indices. Providing such services promotes the quality of life and promotes the general social welfare.

Connections and networking

Philanthropists act as brokers. They link communities with resources necessary to address issues that are of concern to them. They connect communities with the desired lifestyle. This is by linking them with solutions to their social problems by eliminating the barriers that hinder them from achieving a comfortable life.

Helps fill gaps created by market failures

Capitalism as an economic ideology places much emphasis on profit making at the expense of quality of goods and services. This places community members at the risk of being exploited as market stakeholders strive to maximize profits. Philanthropy comes in to put emphasis on:

  • The value of services that people gets.
  • Advocates for human development that is people-centered
  • Shifting focus from selfish interest to community welfare
Promotes unity and cohesion.

Social problems tend to divide people into communities. People identify themselves in lines of race, social-economic status, gender, age and literacy levels amongst other differences. Philanthropy brings the people together with a primary aim of fighting their common enemy, social disorders. It tries to solve social problems that affect all in the community without any form of discrimination.



Philanthropy plays a key role in the development of communities. Driven by humanity, philanthropists contribute in resource mobilization with the aim of maintaining social order and reduce sufferings. This has promoted the quality of life, thereby making communities to be a much better place to live in.